What is Heartland Direct International?

Heartland Direct International is a company based in the heart of America with its main operation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Heartland Direct is dedicated to providing you with advertising solutions for your entire product and premium needs. When it comes to direct mail, advertising, and communicating with back-end and front-end premiums, you can be sure that Heartland Direct International is the right partner in this ever-increasing global market. Specializing in printing and product manufacturing around the globe, you can be sure we’ll provide you with the lowest prices worldwide along with the exceptional quality you expect. Our reputation is centered on quality, high levels of organization, and on-time delivery for high velocity mailings.

Our mission

The Heartland mission is centered on helping to better the human condition by providing quality products for non-profits, companies, and fundraising campaigns. We believe that through our work we can be a helping hand to organizations that are tackling some of the world’s greatest problems. Our products are designed to be the heart and direct touch point for an organizations mission, brand, or campaign.